Cheltenham North RFC is a community amateur sports club. We are here to provide rugby and the benefits of sport to our community. Through the power of rugby's core values. INTEGRITY, PASSION, SOLIDARITY, DISCIPLINE & RESPECT. We feel we can offer more than just rugby itself to the community and we are proud that we run a diverse and inclusive rugby club. Including Girls, Ladies and disability rugby.

Communiy is the main focus of our club and we are proud that through our memebrship and good governace we are able to provide physical and material assistance to our local and wider community, and we're proud of the fact we reach out to help our neighbours as well as our members.

Below is a number of initiatives we activley participate in 

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Wooden Spoon Partnership Rugby Club

Wooden Spoon Membership Form

Bishops Cleeve Scouts Association

We offer use of our facilties and storage space for the group for free due to limited available space in the village

Oakley Adult Opportunity Centre

We help fund the centre's vital services by providing our recycled cans and bottles on a weekly basis which are cleaned and can be re sold.

The Woodlands Trust

We help preserve the natural enviroment around our club grounds and have been involved with planting trees for the future on our own grounds and in the local area

Below is a number of local events we have actively participate in 

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Bishops Cleeve Street Fair

Bishops Cleeve Street Fair Website

Woodmancote May Day

Secondary School Rugby Tournament

Primary School Tag Tournament