Cheltenham North Rugby Club is a registered Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) and as such it complies with strict conditions and the personal beliefs that our club should provide for the advancement of sport wihtin our community on the basis set out.

               To be open to the whole community a club must have:

  • A membership that is open to all without discrimination
  • Facilities that are open to all members without discrimination
  • Fees that don't represent a significant obstacle to membership or use of its facilities

Open to all without discriminations:

  • Ethnicity or nationality, religion or beliefs
  • Sexual orintation
  • Sex, age or disability

The club is organised on an amateur basis:

  • Is non-profit making
  • Only provides the ordinary benefits of an amateur sport club for members and their guests
  • Has a governing documnet that requires any net assets on the dissolution of the club to be applied for approved sporting or charitable purposes

A club is non-profit making if its constitution:

  • Requires any surplus income or giants to be reinvested in the club
  • Doesn't permit any distribution of club assets in cash or in kind to members or third parties

A CASC club should only provide the ordinary benefits of an amateur sports club for members and their guests. These are:

  • The provision of sporting facilities
  • Reasonable provision and maintenance of club-owned ports equipment
  • The provision of suitbaly qualified coaches
  • Provision for reimbursement of the costs of coaching courses
  • Insurance cover
  • The provision of medical treatment
  • The reimbursement of necessary and reasonable travle and/or subsistence expenses incurred by players,match officials,coaches,first aiders and accompanying individuals travelling to away matches
  • Reasonable provision of post-match refreshments for players and match officials
  • The sale or supply of food or drink as a social benefit which arises incidentally from the sporting purposes of the club

We are also registered for the Goverment Gift Aid Scheme on all donations made to the club to help in advancing our aims, please find a copy of the gift aid form below ( and either post to our address or hand in over the bar) if you wish to donate to help us provide the best facilites for the future advancement of amatuer sport.