The Supporters Association was formed in 2008 mainly to fund the club with many required items that needed to be replaced or repaired, with its members receiving free admission to all home games and a monthly draw, every member of the Supporters Association also became a social member of the Cheltenham North RFC whereby they receive a club discount card. We no longer charge home entry fees but all the other benefits remain and of course you have the chance to apply for international tickets as club member.

At the present time the items we have replaced or bought for the club are - a new cooker, bar glass washer, bar fridge/coolers, benches and seats for the outside patio and grass area, re-flooring of the dining area and a complete security system for the club.

There is also a BONUS Christmas raffle which is funded by the North Supporters Association who supply all the prizes which can range from various bottles of drink, tins of biscuits, chocolates, gifts etc. the proceeds from the raffle goes into the pot to help fund any projects the club has on at the time.

At the present time we have 50+ members and growing 

The supporters club is a great way to enjoy the benefits of being a club member of Cheltenham North RFC with the added bonus of potentially winning your membership back each year! whilst supporting the club achieve its aims to the wider community and its membership.

If anyone wishes to join the Supporters Association they can either contact one of the supporters committee at the club house or email